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Favorite albums meme (13/?)

∟Panic! At The Disco_ A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out (2005)

“We knew what was going to happen when we made this record. Either people were going to love us or they were going to hate us because of the way we got signed. We had recorded a couple of demos on my laptop, put them online and sent a link to Pete through his LiveJournal. He listened to the stuff and he drove down from Los Angeles to listen to us at band practice. So he heard us and he signed us. And that was pretty much it. So instantly, we entered this high-pressure zone. There’s a lot on the record about proving our detractors wrong, because we had two songs online and people were already making assumptions about what kind of band we were and what our album was going to sound like. And that’s what a lot of the album is about. It’s directed at all those kids that talk on message boards.”

— Ryan Ross

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